miércoles, diciembre 12, 2007

R. Karppinen and S. Seppänen from Jyväskylä not wellcome checking this site

For any question of the reason of this post, by private.
Sorry if someone comes here by coincidence of surnames.
I'm still waiting for his apologizes.

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Anónimo dijo...

Next thing you have to do is to remove my name from this blog. I really mean it. If you don´t do it you will probably regret.

-Sami J. Seppänen

Enlil dijo...

I remember when I wrote this post I was pretty annoyed, but not now, I have no problem in erasing part of it, all the people I wanted to read it, have already done it. Anyway, it's not nice that after insulting me hardly (I think I still have those nice sms in my mobile phone, do you want me to write them here as well?) you also are threatening me so seriously... What I know about Internet Law.. you cannot do anything here or to me if I write "I dont want X and Y check my blog anymore due to their behaviour and insults towards me". So I dont fear your threats Mr. nice guy.
I have NEVER insulted you, not my way and people who knows me know it, so I think you can live your life perfectly if there is one person in this world, that even you dont know, that forbids you to check one internet page and you cannot do anything attending to Law. It would be me, if you dont stop and your threats are not linked with Law who will use it against you.
Live your life and leave me alone.
Have a nice day.
PS: I thought you would be more gentleman and would ask me to erase also RK's name, not only yours.

Enlil dijo...

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Enuma Elis dijo...

By the way, I have allowed publications also to assholes like that one up there. Keep yourself in your own shit.