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Alfoz is my little dear hometown.
I decided to make a post of my little town, cause I remember once in Tallinn, one friend told me... "oh! from Spain! so you must live in somekind of desert, always sunny and 40 degrees!"
Well, after this I couldn't avoid a little smile... my place is in the northest part of Spain, and it's known the rain in Galicia all around Spain.
Though this year is quite strange, since september in Vigo, the south of Galicia, and the city where I study, it didn't rain since I am here in September!!
And even now, in november the sun is always there and no clouds at all!
But it's usual that in Vigo is hotter weather than in my hometown. Up there is always cloudy :D
The distance between Vigo and my place is around 300 km. so I cant go so often as I would like..

I won't show pics from Vigo, it's a not very nice city, cars and cars and buildings... and traffic jams... It has a harbour, but too industrial for me, and it has a beach.. but for going there you have to cross all the city and go almost at the end of the place... and in summer is too stressfull with too warm weather and so many people going there...
I can reach the beach in my hometown faster than in Vigo, and the beaches are more beautiful :P hehe
The following pictures are taken in summer time.

This is my house in Alfoz. If you click over it, you can my particular Cerberos that keeps the door. Nobody can come in without its barks (an teeth :P)

We live in a valley, so all around us are mountains (bigger than the estonian ones :P hahah)
And in the middle of the valley we have a medieval castle, you can see it if you saw the pics of the medieval party in my place. In the next pic you can see better the sight of the mountains around us.

This beautiful (:P) pic is taken from the main door of my house. I like this picture and mostly the colour of the clouds.

We have another reeeeeeally old house. Nobody lives there now, it's a total ruin, I moved from here when I was 1 or 2 years old, so I cannot remember any time there, but somehow it has its own beauty.

This is a very traditional old building in Galicia, almost every old house has one of this near. This pics are taken from inside my old house. It was used for keeping cereals.

Also, a lot of old houses have its own.. I dont know how to call it in english.. "family crest"(?). It is like the emblem of the family who was living there in the house. The pic on the left is my emblem, but with years it is now almost rubbed out or erased (I dont know how to say hahah).
So on the right I put another pic of one house near of mine that this emblem is clearer than mine.

Sight from the old house.. quite scary hm? hehe
I bet to someone to pass there one night :P

And now, more pics of my place and green landscapes. Forget about deserts in the north of Spain hehe. In fact, my place is related with Celts and their mythology. And some of our landscapes in Galicia are quite similar to countries like Ireland, mostly. I would say, much more similar to Ireland than the south of Spain. If you see the movie "The sea inside" you can see some more landscapes in Galicia. It's a not so unknown film, the director is Alejandro Amenábar (The Others) and it was filmed in Galicia.

I like this road :)

This is the sight of my room:

And this is my Cerberos. She likes coffeeeeee and she will do everything to get it!
So..."move away your dirty hands from my coffee... it's an advice" :D
By the way.. her name is Muna... I know estonian people who read this can laugh a bit with that name.. hehe.. in fact.. this is the first word I learnt in estonian because of my dog...
Well ... Muna means in estonian .. "egg" hehe
But we put the name because it was the name of an ancient egyptian princess! :)

This is one of the things that I like more... in the north of Galicia, you can see mountain and the sea at the same time...

When I was in Tallinn and I talked with my friends in Spain, they usually asked me about the weather.. and I use to ask them too... this pic is from January, if I recall it well. If you click over it and make it bigger you can see some few snow over the mountains, but it's very strange that it comes to the valley. The house at the right is mine :)

I hope you like it.
See you in another post!

2 comentarios:

Julia dijo...

Wow! I can see you standing next to your house in the Tamplier knights robe! It seems to be out of civilisation - so gothic and romantic... Outstanding view! Very beatiful and calm. You can meditate there =)

Anónimo dijo...

si señor, que bello era mi valle.
vives en el lugar indicado para presenciar todo tipo de fenomenos sobrenaturales, desde la santa compaña, los circulos de la cosecha, la chica de la curva, aterrizajes ovni, el chupacabras, hadas, duendes, gnomos y banshees, tesoros templarios, la niebla esa que entras aqui y sales en murcia....
bonito sitio, si, apacible cuando menos.
Ademas es agradable ver que está bien protegida por ese animal tan magnifico.