martes, julio 29, 2008

Getting used to work

Well, I thought at first that working in a bank would be strange for me since my studies are not conducted to finances or accounting. I have studied a bit of that, but my especiality is mostly marketing, so at first I wasnt that convinced of going far from home and working there. But I have to say after one month I started to get used. It's a very small place and you can think maybe I am bored because there are not so many people coming there every day... and that's true somehow... Some days I can count with the fingers of my hands those who are coming inside the office, but other times... it's pretty scary. The 25th and 26th of every month seems to be a non-ending day (last 25th I was working from 8:00 AM to 17:00 PM with no rest at all). The beginning of the month is also terrible, but the rest of the month seems quiet. My boss and partner are going to have holidays these days, hopefully not both at the same time :D it would be the ruin of the bank if I am alone there XDD
I think the worst is to get up so early and to lose all my holidays (and starting studying at the same time as working for my exams in september).
Well, these are my last days in Pontenova, I've bought a second-hand car and I will go to work everyday from 1st August from my home Alfoz to the office. It will mean.. getting up even earlier and being even more tired the rest of the day, but on the good hand I will come back home and will have more free time to spend with my friends. I will have less often internet as well, but I will try to reach it every time I can for making new posts (I have already planned every weekend :D )
By the way! seems that finally the summer came here!

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Luís dijo...

Hey Diego!!!
Como estás amigo??

Já não vinha ler o teu blog há muito tempo, tive muito ocupado com a tese final e com o Verão!

Hoje vim aqui e vi que já tas a trabalhar, eu também comecei agora dia 1 de Setembro aqui no Porto!

O Michael e a Marit também estiveram aqui no Porto por 1 dia.

Diego, tudo de bom, abraço !!