lunes, julio 28, 2008

Alfoz medieval party - July 19th

On July 19th we had in our town the annual medieval party in my hometown Alfoz (you can see the castle of Alfoz in the pic between the mist in our valley). And my friends and me decided to go this time dressed with skirts (last time we were disguised like monks and a funny warrior (ese traxe de teletubby Marcos! XD)).
So the party is based in a medieval market in the afternoon-evening with games, barracks and so on.. and a dinner near the castle at night with a folk concert afterwards.

The dinner was typical meat and sausages, tuna pie, bread, wine and queimada (typical liquor from Galicia, which has to be burnt first to take out a bit of alcohol, because of the strong)

So after the dinner, we started dancing and making nonsenses with the concert (I think we were just the ones dancing there XDD)
They made a previous representation to the "queimada" that you can see in the following pics:

This fire you can see in the pic and the guy stiring with a big soup spoon is the typical queimada :P

True posers ;)

Yes, and this is me stiring the precious liquor, I couldnt avoid to ask for taking the spoon, it's really cool because it's burning and with the night it makes a very nice effect. It's a pity with the light of the flash of the cam you cannot see it very clearly :(
Anyway the bad point of the queimada is that you can drink the first and it's quite ok, but it's truly dangerous because you cannot realize that you are drinking a lot of alcohol, it's warm and sweet... and I had maybe the worst drunkenness I have ever had that night XDD
Maybe other factors like I was very tired of sleeping 4 and 5 hours every day all week, really tired of going out the previous day and sleeping again less than 4 hours, and the warm and sweet betrayed my body completely XDD
Moreover, the last cups of that liquor are the less burnt, so they have the most percentage of alcohol. All this joined in a caos in myself and it was the first time that I remember perfectly and in 5 or 10 minutes I stopped recalling when I went to pee and fell down XDD
I got a hit in my head that left me absolutly KO and all this together made me to not to remember anything until the next morning. Hopefully not severe consequences but scratches and floating sensation the next day XD
I think I've learnt the lesson now: first sleeping enough hours, then dont trust and dont drink fast queimada :S
This last weekend I was in Santiago, it was holidays in Galicia because it was the "day of Galicia" - July 25th -
Lots of tourists and lots of fun. Santiago is a great city to go out and to have tapas (the little dish joining the drink). In that place you can even have a dinner just going from place to place having some drink, not paying the food, of course.
I dont have pics from those days, but it was great to go out there and join my friends after a long time of not going out together.
Hope you enjoyed the crazy pics ;)

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Cristina dijo...

Tu si que te lo sbs pasar bien!!!

No paras!!!

Aunque la sensacion de resacon te la dejo todita para ti, no me entusiasma. jajaja

Aiiii, que harias que por la mañana no te acordabas de nada?!?! XDXD


Enlil dijo...

jeje muchas gracias por seguirme Cristina!!
No, la verdad es que no fue resaca, fue como que estaba en las nubes, no tenía dolor de nada :)
Por cierto, una pena lo de Ankara si querías ir :( yo si tuviese oportunidad haría lo que fuese por convencer a la familia para que me dejasen volver, fue una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida! :)
Ya le dije a Bora que a ver si hace algo el año que viene ... me intentaré apuntar!