miércoles, julio 30, 2008

Getting used to work II

Anyway, something that I hate is when there is no method of working for some matters and everyone of my work mates teach me on his own way. So, sometimes I do something and one of them is telling me "You did this wrong" or "You have to do this first and then that" or "didnt you learnt this before yet??"
Well, this is what happens when they dont teach me to do something the other thinks it is basic, or they do in a different way. I dont care about doing something in this or that way, but sometimes I have a mess in my head if I did ok or not or which method is the best to follow. Today it happened twice and that's something annoying for me because I feel, and they tell me like I did something wrong though I know I just did what I learnt before.

Well it's a pity, but today there is one concert of Loreena McKennitt in Santiago de Compostela, the place I was spending the last weekend :( and I cannot go. It would be really great to attend to one concert of her.. but another time... :((

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Cristina dijo...

Estan locos estos banqueros!! como quieren que trabajes a su manera si no te lo explican?!?XDXDXD (paciencia¬¬)

EL concierto de Lorena, yo tb me lo perdi, cuando vino a Barcelona, por culpa del trabajo, juuuu.

Espero que todo vaya bien!!!!