jueves, julio 31, 2008

Getting used to work III

This is the day of my goodbye from Pontenova, in few hours I'll be again living in my hometown, waking up 30 min. earlier, and eating 30 min. later :S
But at least I will see more often people :)
Today it happened to me the same I told in the previous post when I made something that one of my partners taught me and the other told me "why are you making that?? you are wasting your time, you have to do that and that.." It's quite annoying but I cannot say anything. It's like when a teacher is absent and the new one tell the pupils "you have to do it like that way", when you are used to make it with the other teacher on the way "it was always done" :D
It was also funny when another friend who also took this job but in a bigger place, a city like Vigo, when she told me she is going from department to department learning different things from everyone. Here all is at the same time in the same place, so I was learning every kind of matter at once :D Those first days were really confusing for so many new things. Moreover finances or accounting are not my strongest part of studies since my speciality is marketing, so twice difficulty.
Well, few hours to leave this small town, and somehow I feel like I will miss it, but it's a necessary change.
On saturday my friends are coming here, so I guess I wont update anything until monday.
Have a good weekend.

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