martes, junio 03, 2008

See you later ;)

Good bye Karolina!
It was great to have you here like "my student". Dziekuje!! :)
Here I have to say that I will re-think about my belonging to the desastrous organization for erasmus that there is in the Universidade de Vigo. I finished thinking if they have so few attendance, from ORI, from other tutors who are just watching with who they can flirt, or they logg into this help for international students and afterwards they neglect about it... (dont be very surprised if you are coming to study from other country to Vigo and have a theorical "tutor" and you dont find anyone to pick you up from the station or whatever, it wouldn't be the first case), with so few activities (and those few are not so good), and with a level of studies that can be really hard, cause they are putting you with us, the locals; your classes would be in spanish; and teachers are quite stupid, or just dont care about if your language is another one and you dont understand too well or that you need some help. They cannot ask the same level for us and internationals! come on!! Maybe if you are international and you are reading this, know that the average for ending a 5-year grade in economics or business management is 7 or 8 years. The same is happening with any 5-year engineering or worst. Yep, not like in other european countries. Anyway here we are!! We have this, ending really late our degrees and masters but we have the 3rd worst level in all Europe! Spain is different!
Well, I will stop complaining, hehe, cause I want to do it in another more extensive post.
So looking at this, maybe I have to re-think erasmus in Vigo could need all help we, people who really want you as international staying here have a good time and make things easier and showing our culture and so on, can give. And I did like that this semester, sometimes I felt like I had many students :) But the matter is that they stopped being students and became friends, like both Karolinas, Nurcan, Tina, Thomas, Filip, Yoshi, and so on...
One person told me: "never regret of what you have done" but looking who was that one (...), I cannot do more than following exactly the opositte thinking, my original one: "regreting sometimes is wise. Humans fail sometimes, and it's own of wise humans to regret and realize what you have done in the past."
I will think again in helping new ones.

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