lunes, junio 02, 2008

Tere tulemast!

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, little ;)
Congrats Kata!! Hope everything is ok, and you are having great days in Tallinn
Ma igatsen sinu järele!! :)

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Kata dijo...

awww Diego!! :)))))
it's so nice of You!!!:)))
thank You very very much for all the kind words..
little one is a boy, quite big boy (54cm tall and weighs 4,18 kilos!) but it seems he has quite peaceful character (just eats, sleeps and poops :D ) and the health is also ok :)
we have a name for him too, but we wait until we get to register him officially and then announce it out loud ;)

anyway, thanks again!! and i miss You too a lot!! (just thinking about last summer makes me smile:) )

ok, take care!
(we have to go and weigh the boy now, we're still in hospital but if we are gaining weight well, we get to go home today!! hurraaayy!! :D )

kisses and hugs,

Malaria de Habsburgo dijo...

Ay qué bichillo!!! Arrugadito y pelón, es graciosísimo. Una monada, felicidades a tu amiga, es precioso. ^_^

(A mi estas cosas me despiertan el instinto maternal y no puede ser, me pongo tristona...)

Un besote, guapo.