viernes, diciembre 10, 2010

Surprises 2010: Jaldaboath

: Jaldaboath
Album: The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts (first album)
Genre: Medieval-Pagan Metal
Country: U.K.

The head of The Meads of Asphodel and the extincted band Ewigkeit comes with a new weird project that mixes the melodic pagan-folk-medieval metal with funny lyrics, keyboards and way of playing. Many song melodies are inspired by other melodies like "Hark the herald" (a medieval tune) or "Jaldaboath" (a TV production from the 70's-80's).
It might recall you to a Heavy Metal version of Monty Python, and could be called something like Happy-Pagan Metal. In these days it is really difficult to find a band that creates their own style, a worth listening for all the unabashedly pagan-folk metal fans.

1. Hark The Herald 03:31
2. Calling On All Heraldic Beasts 04:35
3. Bash The Bishop 04:24
4. Seek The Grail 04:21
5. Axe Wielding Nuns 04:09
6. Jaldaboath 04:11
7. Bring Me The Head Of Metatron 04:31
8. Jacque De Molay 03:58
9. March to Calvary (Instrumental) 02:36
10. Da Vinci's Code (Bonus Track) 04:07

Total playing time 40:15


The link provided serves just as promotional source. The aim is letting know rookie, new or unknown bands with few resources that try to expand their music. Buy the originals if you like them! Help good bands to grow!

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