viernes, diciembre 10, 2010

Surprises 2010: Crystalic

Band: Crystalic
Album: Persistence (second album)
Genre: Melodic Death
Country: Finland

Last years were too (much) productive in the melodic death genre, and choosing something good or original between the thousands of releases could be a hard task. The style is a bit saturated since time ago and many times if you listen often Metal and you see "melodeath", this might be even a bad signal; there are too many and too "the same" doing that.
Crystalic are not a very original band, but I think this album is standing over the thousands of melodeath releases.

1. Sub-Creatures 05:02
2. Throne of Sin 05:03
3. Wall of Sanity 04:20
4. Vanishing Act 03:03
5. Voiceless Army 04:50
6. Eulogy 02:26
7. Blastbeat of My Heart 06:08
8. New Time 04:53
9. Lord of the Mourn 04:57
10. Too Dark to See 08:53

Total playing time 49:35

The link provided serves just as promotional source. The aim is letting know rookie, new or unknown bands with few resources that try to expand their music. Buy the originals if you like them! Help good bands to grow!

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