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Surprises 2009: Debbie Ray - Artificial Misery

Band: Debbie Ray
Album: Artificial Misery (first album)
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Sweden

DEBBIE RAY is a hard rock machine which developed after 2 band's break up's. DEBBIE RAY formed in Herrljunga, near Gothenburg, Sweden in 2005. All though DEBBIE RAY is a pretty new face on the swedish rock-scene the boys have delivered rock and roll music in various constillations for over 10 years.

The band members are all born and raised in the hard rock era from late 80's and early 90's which has truly influed the band to take this sort of music to a new level in the new decade of decadence. Even though the boys like to call it rock n roll, their music could best be described as heavy sleaze rock.

DEBBIE RAY is only in it for the show! The energy of a stage show is what the boys in the band live for. ADRENALINE-PUMPIN-ENERGY-ROCK which we guess even your mom would find amusing! DEBBIE RAY play for the headbangers in front of stage, the Motörhead fan who doesn't seem to give a damn in the bar and the girls at the dance floor dressed up for their big night.

Now they're back, more jammed than ever to down that deal and play shows for you again. The original and still excisting line-up consists of REINE (vocs, git), ANDY (git), MANX (bass) and H-CAN (drums). "ARTIFICIAL MISERY" is the first studio album from this band and will hit the stores in the US by the end of October. (you can get the cd from this site).
The story behind Artificial Misery you can read in the lyrics. It's a true story about the modern western society. Right now DEBBIE RAY is booking shows and writing songs for their second studio album.

Swedish rock was always well-known and they have had great bands and lastly seems to be very popular in the scandinavian country. Seems it is not unusual that swedish people have good music culture and rock culture in special. This is something quite difficult to see in latin countries like mine.
Debbie Ray is a young band that comes from the split of 2 others and they play a quite decent rock-hard rock with lots of 80's hard rock and hair metal influences. Maybe the first band that came to my mind was Motley Crue, Warrior Soul or the first Skid Row. Their songs are catchy, easy-listening, and the album starts with three shots that bang your brain with great refrains.
A must listen if you like 80's Hard Rock.

01. Laddicted / 2:52
02. Dirty Darling / 3:42
03. Nightmare In The Makin' / 4:00
04. Artificial Misery / 3:00
05. Primetime Primadonna / 3:26
06. Stars Ain't Much Of A Light / 3:44
07. Someone To Blame / 3:54
08. Down With The Flow / 4:12
09. Bullshit Firezone / 3:03
10. Kill Your Darlings / 3:30
11. Stand N Fight / 3:07
12. Road Dog Souls / 4:11

Total playing time: 42:41


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