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Surprises 2009: Strandhogg - Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis)

: Strandhogg
Album: Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis) (first album)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Poland

Debut full-length album from the most relentless black metal band to emerge lately from depths of Poland’s underground – STRANDHOGG. Grim, hypnotic, cavernous and extremely violent in execution, “Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis” consists of eight death worshipping hymns of fear, death, suffering, pain and impenetrable black... Black Metal. Unrelenting violence, hatred, and contempt for the living world. The idea of STRANDHOGG is reality without hope, where all living beings co-exist with the Dead. The only strength and law is Death. Only Death Is Real! Through the theory of phantom's curse and mutilation mind fanaticism STRANDHOGG is neither religious nor political band. STRANDHOGG is pure orthodox Death worshipping cadaveric congregation.

You can feel an evil aura while you are listening to "Ritualistic Plague", that evil aura that should be present in any proper black metal release. Strandhogg riffs are cold, dark, raw, enfolding, with great blastbeats that could recall to the best times of Marduk, 1349 or Gorgoroth.
A release that every black metal fan should check, and a band to keep on following.

1. Prophecy of World Funeral / 03:19
2. Strandhogg (Canonized Contempt) / 03:32
3. Deathworshippers (Ritualistic Plague) / 04:18
4. Devotion to Blood and Lust / 05:09
5. Coronation of the New God / 06:11
6. Pure Annihilation / 01:33
7. Profanated Blasphemy / 03:50
8. Mortuus Evangelium / 09:36

Total playing time 37:28


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