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Funny video + cover song 17

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Muppets Korpiklaani (esta vai dedicada ó Pagan Pagan Warrior XD)

You might know Falco, he is a rock-pop-rap singer and songwriter who became famous in the 80's thanks to hits that were number one in the lists of lots of countries. We can remember him thanks to songs like "Rock Me Amadeus" (1985) or "Coming Home" (1986).
At the end of the 80's, he started having problems with drugs and family issues, and his career started to decline. He never sold as much as he did in the mid 80's.
His last released album in life was Nachtflug (1992), but he died when he had almost finished his upcoming album in 1998.
That album called "Out of the dark" was finally released when he already passed away in the same year due a car accident in Dominican Republic.
He had lots of songs in his work that talked about drugs or sex, and he had a lot of controversy thanks to that. Austria, his native country banned some of those songs like "Ganz Wien (... ist heut auf Heroin)" ("All Vienna consume heroin nowadays") or the hits “Der Komissar” y "Jeanny" (1985) which are related with a sexual crime.
One of the singles of his last album was the dance song "Mutter, Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da"

Falco - Mutter, Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da

Well, I wanted to tell this after watching the vid cause it was like I did for first time, and it's funny to see later the meaning behind the title and things we could see in the video...
That song means "Motherfucker, Oh Man, Am I Coked Up"
-'Koks' is the german word for charcoal, but also popular slang for cocaine.
Basically its the children singing to their mother 'mother the man delivering the charcoal is here' at a time of general poverty, with charcoal being the only way to heat the lousy rooms, and the original popular song then going on with the children wondering how mother would then pay the bill for the charcoal, cause they have no money, and then later in the way the mother reacts to the childrens questions insinuating the mother dealing out sex/favours to the delivery man to desperately somehow get him to still give her the coal to be able to support for the children.

His insinuation is also very heavily pushed in the video to the song, where the 'white powder' is never shown as cocaine (of course also due to legal reason, but also always tongue-in-cheek), but always with the charcoal & mother/deliveryman situation, even though everyone knows about the 'REAL' context that Falco sang about in the song, thats being cocaine.-
(thanks to smjuke)

Stahlhammer is a band that I discovered 10 years ago thanks to a friend that I had in that pc share program called Soulseek. He strongly adviced me that metal austrian band which combines elements from industrial to hardcore to symphonic...
The video of the song is a good tribute as well to the double meaning that Falco liked so much :D

Stahlhammer - Der Mann Mit Dem Koks

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