martes, febrero 24, 2009

Surprises 2008: This Haven - Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm

This Haven is a swedish band that mixes from Hardcore to Stoner to Melodic Death to Deppresive Rock Riffs but in a very rock-heavy metal feeling with progressive way of composing. I know you are confused about howcome all this mix could work or maybe just could sound. It's difficult to explain "Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm", but although being the first album of the band it really gives the impression of maturity.
Sound is perfect, and nothing to hesitate if I tell you the producer was Dan Swano, and performance is also great. Voice is clean but with an important Stoner/Jonas Renkse from Katatonia touch, and we can hear in a secondary scene sometimes acoustic guitars or keyboards, even in "Plague" a female voice.
It really is a complete album of hmm I will take the risk :P alternative progressive metal? I tried lol

1.It's The End04:42
2.I Will Deceive04:13
3.Welcome To Delirium04:47
4.The Fallen04:08
5.Hero Of Your Hell 04:57
7.Apocalyptical Anthem: I. B.C., II. A.D.06:24
8.And The Devil In Me Smiles05:01

This Haven - Hero of Your Hell (Live)

This Haven - Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm

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