lunes, febrero 23, 2009

Surprises 2008: Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge

Alestorm is probably the biggest surprise in 2008. Just with the first album they got to be known among most of the metalheads and they are currently having an extensive tour and will play in numerous festivals. First known as Battleheart, after that demo in 2006 the company Napalm Records offered them a deal in 2007 and they changed the name due to the similarity with the finnish Battlelore.
Alestorm' style is selfdefined as "true scottish pirate metal", a kind of power-folk metal, that could be a mix of Running Wild and folk epic melodies (and drinking songs environment some times) that could recall to bands like Turisas.
First time I listened to it, it wasn't actually a very good impression. Those cheesy keyboards and melodies and the singer... but after some time I listened more and some songs are quite catchy.

1.Over the Seas03:55
2.Captain Morgan's Revenge06:42
3.The Huntmaster04:59
4.Nancy the Tavern Wench04:52
5.Death Before the Mast03:17
6.Terror on the High Seas03:51
7.Set Sail and Conquer04:38
8.Of Treasure02:58
9.Wenches & Mead03:42
10.Flower of Scotland (The Corries cover)02:37

Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge

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Falgarth dijo...

Alestorm!! Yes, I also think that is one of the greatest surprieses of the year. Their Latvian last song in Eurovision's cover is one of the best and funny covers that I've heard!! It appears in "Leviathan" EP.
Greets, Enlil!

Enlil dijo...

Falgarth, no te pierdas uno de los discos del año, también debut de los (cómo no) finlandeses Crimfall!!