miércoles, febrero 25, 2009

Surprises 2008: Martriden - The Unsettling Dark

Martriden is a black/melodic death band from USA. They released their first album on 2008 after the well criticized EP in 2006. They have very melodic parts but also very brutal with powerful drums and blast-beats, production is great and voice is mostly black metal oriented. Riffs goes mostly from melodeath rythms to fast black metal tremolos, though they are not so varied or original sometimes. Some acoustic guitars and effective background keyboards that appear in some moments make this album to have a nice different touch.
Anyway, The Unsettling Dark is a good debut album, another band to look forward future releases.

2.The Enigma of Fate05:35
3.The Calling05:07
4.Ascension Pt. 103:26
5.Ascension Pt. 204:07
6.Processional for the Hellfire Chariot04:35
7.The Unsettling Dark06:15
9.A Season in Hell04:48
10.Immaculate Perception03:33

Martriden - The Unsettling Dark

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