jueves, febrero 26, 2009

Entroido 2009

Entroido or Carnaval or Carnival... I dont like too much to disguise in this party (it's more interesting when YOU are the ONLY one dressing hihii hhhhh ;) ). Here in Galicia this is a famous party, though in big cities people are not that party people as in the most famous little towns in Ourense, where all the population of those villages like Xinzo de Limia, Verín or Laza, are attending and enjoying in a traditional way this pagan celebration.
Well, coming back to Vigo, I will just post some pics of this party here, most of them with the rest of the erasmus. I didnt actually dressed, so I asked to my dear Karolina if she could make what I was thinking.. and she totally read my mind :D

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