miércoles, noviembre 05, 2008

International dinner of erasmus in Vigo

Last thursday I was invited to a international dinner, hosted by Carolien:

Well, our international dinners were very good and very well organized when I was erasmus, but here the Internationals Relations Office... let's say they are quite lazy... to make any decent event (no, those trips of 4 or 5 hours in a city like Santiago are crap).. So this girl, a very active student :D had this great idea.
Everyone cooked something typical from where they were born in (well, I guess in some lazy cases they just bought XD)

But there was a little problem... we almost couldnt breath for a while due to sooo many people inside the flat! She told me she even didnt knew half of the ones there, and I could see many spanish (...) that I doubt they brought any food... my suspicion is that they came with their own drinks like if it was a "Botellón" inside the flat of someone... or maybe they just feel like inviting more and more friends.. it happens also often ...

Maybe if you saw some pics from any summer, you saw the parties we have here in Galicia in little towns use to finish with Queimada, that strong liquor that has to be burn first to take out some alcohol... well.. some spanish did it... inside the house..:S a bit dangerous I think, but it was ok and very didactic for foreigners XD

It was really like a rainbow of flavors... now sweet, now salty, now salad, now again salty, now greasy, now spicy... XD but I think it was a good dinner and a good time :)
Maybe it wasnt too much funny that we couldnt go to any disco they wanted to go because the security guards in Vigo dont like too many people coming at the same time in a disco... if not... they will ask if you are older than 25 or needed shoes... I know, strange, but this is Vigo... I really feel embarrased when these things happen because I think this city in the matter of going out to discos is too overestimated for too fancy and pose people... but this is another story..
Finally 4 of us escaped to the new place of rock-metal that opened few time ago, a great place, good music, good ambient, you can talk, if someone steps on you he apologizes, and even you can make new friends... the best to go out here in Vigo! :D

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Anónimo dijo...

madre mia ahi hai mais xente ke na miña casa XDDDDDDDDDD

(ke xa é dificil :-))

facia tempo ke non me pasaba por aki.Ando bastante liada pero agora mesmo me porei o dia.