jueves, junio 12, 2008

Are US americans stupid?

This is the name of the following video I have found in youtube.
I think most of us, the europeans, have this question in our minds when we see the leader of the United States of America. It's ok, he is not really smart, but people who voted for that one are not either.
I was quite surprised when they did a poll in USA and got an amazing result of lots and lots of people who thought Spain was situated beneath Mexico. I could mention more examples about cultural stuff... though of course not all them are like that (I still have some friend from there hehe, don't bother if you read this, Brian).
But.. amazing the low cultural level of so many!
And... what kind of country can support a war against another country that even don't know that exists??? XXDDD This stupid patriotism that we can see at the end of the video is something unbeliavable and almost funny if we weren't talking about real people who die by the hands of a nation like that and interests that their people ignore (how come! USA cannot do anything bad, so .. up with USA!!!).
Americans from US must be proud of their country, a country with no history and with no culture. But they rule and they are the bosses. Awful but true.

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