domingo, junio 22, 2008

And the day arrived

I have had the visit of Julia and her boyfriend James this weekend here, we have been having a dinner and partying with my friends and classmates on friday night, visiting Santiago de Compostela on saturday (we saw the "zombie walk", they were walking in the streets in their role and coming into some "fashion shops" :D but they were really few people, maybe 30) and they left Vigo just today early in the morning.
I am quite dead, almost cannot move my legs hehe.
Almost no mental rest since I started exams and now no physical rest for these days, but it was worth. They were here very few time, but it was absolutly intense.
Then, I am almost in the way to my hometown now, and tomorrow going to work at 6:00 AM
I have a strange feeling cause I almost dont know where this town is or how to reach there or how life will be in a such a small place.
I wish I can have internet at work so I can runaway for a while to go on writing as usual here.
So, luggage and bags are ready.
See you soon ;)

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