martes, junio 26, 2007

Stand by, please

I know all you are waiting for new pics from my staying in Turkey.
Don't worry!
They will be ready soon.
Now I have my brother and some friends visiting me in Estonia, so I will be a bit busy these days, but I will try to put a new post as soon as possible.

2 comentarios:

Roland dijo...

You write in English - I love you, Diego :-)

Enlil dijo...

From now my blog will be in english, before I was writing for my spanish friends, but now that I'm leaving Tallinn in 6 days, I realized they will know my adventures quite well being so near of them, so my writings will be in english for all the international people i met. From Erasmus, Estonia, Turkey, whatever. No point to write in galician anymore, and if they want to know (my friends from Spain) ... learn englishhhhhhhhh!!!
(I think they can understand it, I hope)