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1.Festival in Estonia/2.Visit to Tallinn from Gallaecia/3.Let's make a circle

Well, it was hard to make this post, too many things these days to do, and very few time at home, so i made it a bit fast, so sorry if I dont put too many words, I would wish I could do it bigger, but not so much free time...
Well, sorry for my spanish friends, but from now this blog will be in english, mostly, i am coming back to Spain in few days and they can live my stories by themselves, joining me or telling them directly.
First i realized too late, but i put the posts in reverse in time order. I mean, the 3rd part should be the 1st and the 1st the 3rd one.
But ok, here I go:

1. Festivals in Estonia

30th june and 1st july
The first one was this folk festival, lots of people and lots of children as I haven't seen before in Estonia. I know my brother would have been very glad to be there, when he came he wanted to do and see as much things as he could, and this was only 1 day after their leaving.
The show was something similar to the opening of the olympic games. It was interesting at the beginning,
but after 30 min. it became a bit boring... and this united I was pretty tired of the trip to Turkey and the visit of my friends and brother to Tallinn..
The worst.. the mix of hip hop and folk they made in one part of the show.. there are some things that it's imposible to join.. and it was something between funny, amazing (not in the good way) and awful!
Also some of the songs were too for children, I didn't like that also, but that's ok because i realized maybe it was a show more for children and parents than for adults.

The best thing, the dancers when folk music was playing

The festival of the 1st july was amazing cause of the people who were there. Few times in my life I have seen so many people in the same place (maybe never) and the huge quantity of people singing (18.500).
The show was ok, but too many people, we couldn't eat there cause of the queues, so we turned back home quite early, food is food :)
The worst: that song!!! Eray and Kaisa know it... :)
There was one song that they were playing each 30 min. too annoying, the same children melody once and again and again and again and again...
Another thing that surprised me.. 42 songs of estonian nationalism!
I'm not nationalist at all, that's because i was so surprised of that, but I guess we should know the political and cultural history of Estonia to understand it. They feel really proud and even some of them were crying meanwhile singing!
I cannot imagine one festival like that in Spain hehe... spanish people.. you know what i mean

2.Visit to Tallinn from Gallaecia

Though I came from Turkey dead tired, I had only time for sleep in Tallinn 10 hours, and after going to the airport to pick up my friends and brother. It was pretty funny to met them again after 10 months, and I felt like Í didn't have any time to rest since 1 month ago.. or even more..

Yeh Marcos... it's strange... but if you ask for 1 drink.. they will give you 1!!
Amazing XDDDD!

Drinking in the library? hmm almost

Clever people

Mmm I guess if Yoni is pushing down and me up.. the sword won't move!

No comments...

The master of the montaje in pics

Metal in the disco!

Pirita beach

Yeh brother! that's 1 meter of beer!

Sexy pose.. no comments...

Medieval archers

I like this picture!!

And this one! Marcos is the real Superman!

Galician pagans fighting with sticks in the estonian forest near Pirita beach XDD

I think we found the new Immortal members... what a black metal speed!

Next pictures... are a bit profane.. but i put them here cause they are so so funny
Please dont be hard with us, we are only joking

He tried to be like a zombie who is rising.. but it seems he is sinking hehe

Marcos, the master of humppa dancing... I think he should make a video like that one of the finnish dancers with disco feeling, what do you think, Marcos? Let's do it!

Zombies are rising from tombs!!!

We couldnt stop laughing, but funny one hehe

3.Let's make a circle

That time in Turkey was amazing
I have no words for such good people i found there, and though we ended the days damn tired, I think all of us enjoyed a lot that time.
For the ones that dont know why I was in Turkey, i will try to explain it with few words:
It was an exchange program which topic was "Grow up to be somebody"
There we made workshops, activities, discussions about behaviours and thoughts and so on..
we began the day quite early for what i am used here in Tallinn hehe and usually we went to sleep quite late.. this united to activities almost all day made us quite tired at least the last days, I think most of the people go where there agree with me hehe

Katja and Ilona, my 2 estonian dreams ;)
It was the day of the leaving of Katja, Pille and me, .. you can search in my face the sorrow quite easy, I guess

Hmm that food of the dormitory.. strange sometimes..

Morning activities... and sleepy people


Spanish show.. and i dont want to listen anything about my dressings hahah

Gokcen, I adore you!

Dimmu Borgir in the mosque!

Rifat, I wont forget you. As I told you, I dont have words for your kind being and hospitality. We will met again, I am sure!


Estonian presentation

The room of Rifat, Jeremy, Vladimir and mine, the best room! I agree with you Rifat!

The dormitory

Pierre, master of jugling with his sister Aline

Thank also Ogus(sorry, I dont know how is it written) for your kindness and hospitality.
The one in front at left


Romenian presentation

French presentation

Huge, isnt it??

Messy and dark streets of Ankara

Daniel, you are great!

Katya, Pille, Asen

hehe no comments....
Massimo.. what are you doing!!? XDDD

Luigi what are you doing!!?? XDDD
Oh Luigi... nice your song for the estonian girls... but what happens with me!!?? Tell me nice things also to me! hehe

Jeremy (2nd left) that night was so funny!
I hope also see you again maybe in a next meeting of this kind of exchanges ok?

Great concert of progressive turkish folk meanwhile the dinner. I have no words for defining those huge songs of 30 min. of turkish folk, but i enjoyed a lot, though i didnt dance, sorry...


Vladimir, don't sleep! It's time to wake up and make some circles!
Thank you for the nice words you told me before the leaving, I felt like if i knew you from a lot of time ago!

Sexygirl :P

No comments XDD

Laura, the most funny spanish girl ever!
Very very party always!

Latvian girls

Turkish people

French people

Italian representants

Spanish ones plus one half spanish/half estonian with some turkish appereance :P

Estonian ones

Bora, one of the heads of this project

Thrash in the streets of Ankara

I like this pic
Go on rockin' Vladimir!

Joseph and Manu

Ankara, uff .. I got tired of writing.. so more and more pics!

Türkiye -


Italya -










Fransa -


I wont forget you!

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Roland dijo...

This is great! Thanks for so many pics and informations, Diego!!!!

The Humppa´s Dancer dijo...

Só quero facer unha aclaracion, intentarei facelo en todos os idiomas:
- Na foto do cementerio onde aparece Carlos baixo a cruz do sepulcro, o que agarro é o meu dedo, non o pito.
- No dick! it´s a finger!! (¿Nick?¿dick?...jaja! I will ask to jimenez of the bear!
- Tere! uks a hulu! cuidaselajab? misunimion? minunimion marcos!

Moi ben as fotos!!!! paseimo de humppa madre...anque ségueme sen convencer eso de saír ata o amencer e que aínda sexan as catro da mañá!
Gracias Diego por darnos a oportunidade de coñecer tan bellos, medievais e paganos paraxes e non falo só da fauna feminina! jaja! MI MA!
Vémonos pronto...e ainda nos queda bailar o humppa en Foz!! Agardo por ti!
I will try to remember all the steps!!!

Julia dijo...

Absolutely outstanding pics!!!
Very positive and funny.
Perfect job.
Miss you!

Julia =)

Enlil dijo...

Wait a bit more, I am preparing a new and long post, but i am not able to do it faster... i hope in few time i will end it.

jonathan fernandez dijo...

siii ya quiero ir a estonia me voy en agosto de intercambio soy de venezuela estoy en españa.

yeahh i want to go estonia i will go in agoust of interchange in from venezuela but i live in spain i want to know people from estonia