miércoles, diciembre 22, 2010

Surprises 2010: Aldaaron

: Aldaaron
Album: Nous Reviendrons Immortels (first album)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France

After a great Demo called "Des Légendes et Anciens Dieux" in 2007, the french black metal band Aldaaron is releasing their first album in 2010, a good prove about what french black metal is able to do lastly. Great riffs and atmospheres. French black metal rules!

1. Intro 02:33
2. Seigneur De L'hiver 07:47
3. Instrumentale 01:47
4. Nirnaeth Arnoediad Part 1 05:18
5. Nirnaeth Arnoediad Part 2 06:57
6. En Route Vers La Bataille 07:35
7. Royaume 06:39
8. Propheties 08:41

Total playing time 47:17


The link provided serves just as promotional source. The aim is letting know rookie, new or unknown bands with few resources that try to expand their music. Buy the originals if you like them! Help good bands to grow!

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