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Cover Song 23: Daddy Cool

After many months without uploading anything to this part of the blog, I will refresh it with a new perspective. As I see there is no point anymore to share some funny video, cause social webs and forums are the main road they travel, I will erase this and I will just comment about cover songs.

Today, there was a sad new, Bobby Farrell, singer of the 70's disco band Boney M. was found dead in a hotel in S. Petersburg (Russia). There was no sign of violence and the cause of death was not determined yet.
2010 will be reminded by the deaths in music of many good artists such as "Boney M." or Pete Steele.


So the post of today will be fully dedicated to Boney M:

Daddy Cool is a song recorded by disco band Boney M. and included on their debut album Take The Heat Off Me. It was a 1976 hit and a staple in disco music and Boney M.'s first UK hit. It reached #6 in the UK charts and #65 in the United States Billboard Hot 100. The single also topped the German charts.

It was the second Boney M. single, released in May 1976 without making any major impact at first. It wasn't until a spectacular performance on the Musikladen TV show in September that the single became a hit, topping most European charts, reaching #6 in the UK and even charting in the US. It proved to be the major European breakthrough of the band.

A curiosity about the song is that the intro was made by producer Frank Farian doing rhythmic 'tic-tic-tic's and playing on his teeth with a pencil.

"Daddy cool" by Boney M. (1976)
Here is the mythical performance in the German TV that pushed the song to be famous:

Daddy cool was covered by many artists, and many should remain in the obscurity, as the cover Placebo or the popband Peaches did and others are quite surprising or even bizarre but way more interesting. Here we have some cases:

Cover by QRN (1999) doing an industrial-rock cover!

Cover by Melo-M (2007), a cello-band in the vein of Apocalyptica, helped by one of the original singers of Boney M, Maizie Williams.

Cover by Boney Nem (1997), one of my favourite metal-cover bands, though they are not doing that so often anymore.

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