miércoles, marzo 10, 2010

Rock similarities 3

Camilo Sesto - Brian Ashland (Shadow Gallery new singer)

Nicko McBrain - David Carradine

Joey DeMaio - Al Pacino

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airi dijo...

i cant see similarity on the first pic but others are simply amazing, copypaste XD you really have the eye for that!

Enlil dijo...

well some are not mine, like the last 2 ones. I found them in some web that I dont remember XD
But in the first one.. I guess you dont know the man on the left, he is a quite old spanish singer, maybe not his best pic, but I think that similarity is even better than the rest of this post XD
I showed the video of Shadow Gallery and asked Marcos to tell me if he saw the singer somewhere, and he inmediately told me Camilo Sesto!!!