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Kathaarsys - Live Vigo 2009-03-14

Bands: Kathaarsys
Day: 14th March 2009
Place: Havana 20 (Vigo)
Price: 7 €

Always that I am attending a Kathaarsys show (and this is maybe the 5th time) it's a totally joyful time, and having them 15 min. far by walking from my flat, I wanted to see them again and see how the new songs of their new brand album work in the stage.
It was a bit expensive, one local band and just one for 7 € (115 EEK ;)) is enough, I think...
We arrived in the second song, which means we probably have lost around 20 min. of music hehe and we found an almost empty place. We could be around 15 people. Ok, ticket was not cheap, and there was another concert in the city, quite a different style... but...

I might need more time to get used to Anonymous Ballad, I didnt get too much into it at home. I could even say that I liked it less than Verses In Vain, the previous one. I recall that one like I had to spend my time to catch it, but maybe after seen those songs in live I liked it more and more.
Dont know what will happen with Anonymous.. but I felt it softer, not so black and more progressive, not that metal and more rock... I dont know.. I must have a better look at it, but no doubt that I prefer to attend to a Kathaarsys concert than listening the cd at home. They are powerful when it comes to live shows, songs are evolving and atmospheric, and they get to take you into their world after few seconds.
New songs sounded much better than in CD for me, I was listening them and thinking... is this really the new album that I listened few moments ago???
They work much better in live, but this time I didnt see them too happy, the girl bassist Marta seemed to be more quiet than other times as well... could be the few attendance for a city like Vigo with 300.000 people..... and lots of Metallica-Maiden-Megadeth "shirt-fans".... where were them? I dont know, but the next concert I will write about.... you'll see...

Krecho, an amazing drummer, it's a show just to see all the things he does in every song :O

Not too many people for that evening :(

So, the concert was ok, they played all the new album in live but one song, I think, and stuff from the 2 previous ones at the beginning. It was a bit sad to see so few public, but I guess their style of music is not so popular, and a bit complicated for "classic metal fans". Moreover there are some kind of fights between bands from here, stupid envies and quarrels that just make none of the bands from here could grow. They dont go to each other's shows even that the kind of music should be the one they like. Then we have few concerts and so on... and people complain... we have what we deserve.
Fortunately, Kathaarsys seems a more valued band abroad than here, and they are making extensive tours worldwide and with much better attendance results than in their region. Odd, but they deserve it, they are great musicians and always do good shows, tho, as I told, this was not the best one.

As many other times, afterparty in the best rock-metal pub in Galicia, Beer & Bones

Love at first sight XD

Coming soon... Angelus Apatrida

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Grilo Do Demo dijo...

Iba a ir, al final no pude, me quedó algo de pena... pero bueno, estos vienen cada poco, ¿no?

Enlil dijo...

jeje bueno, creo que ahora vanse dar unha gira bastante extensa (podes mirar pinchando sobre a primeira foto do cartel), creo que pasarán tamén por Santiago dentro de pouco :)
Eu sigo pensando que deberían levar polo menos a outro grupo con eles :(