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Angelus Apatrida + Agonica - Live Vigo 2009-03-20

Bands: Angelus Apatrida (Sp) + Agonica (Sp)
Day: 20th March 2009
Place: La Iguana (Vigo)
Price: 8 € presale / 10 € doors

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Angelus Apatrida is a spanish band that comes from Albacete. I guess it's not necessary to say that they practise an old school thrash metal strongly influenced by the bands over there. Seems that they are much more known than I expected when seeing the hordes of people at the doors of the place. I was very shocked when such a mass of public was coming there and I bet if one of the big european bands would come, there would be half of them... even being much better than Angelus...
Well, I guess just looking at the pic we could even guess the style, cause they have the "official clothing" of a modern thrash metal band that since the beginning of 90's bands like Sepultura and Pantera established... So it seems if you want to found a thrash metal band nowadays you must wear those -army optional- trousers beneath the knees, and talk about society and politicians, and other issues related -seems that nuclear wars are not so popular nowadays as in the 80's XD-.

Well, let's start the concert:
In front of the doors, as I told before lots of fans. I expected many people thanks to friends of the first band, and also that old school thrash and heavy metal is enough popular in these lands. It's easier to see those "shirt-fans" of Metallica and Slayer, Exodus or Tankard than people who like bands that are more famous nowadays in the rest of Europe. The old-school and old-fashion in tastes are more palpable than other places. We have been too closed in our own market for many years so lots of fans dont know too much about new stuff and just follow the "classics", bands which were born 20 years ago or more + spanish bands.
Iguana is an odd place for concerts, it has a small scenary and you can see a concert from different perspectives, from up, down, even behind the band...

It's owned by Silvia Superstar, a famous singer from Vigo, which had some repercussion abroad with her band Killer Barbies. She is the owner of half Churruca, one of the places full of discos and bars for going out in Vigo.
Iguana is usually a place for "alternative" and "toothpaste modern guys", but sometimes they take some good rock-metal concerts.
-And yes, very alternative and so on... but they have too trendy prices as well, seems that snobbery is expensive... A place for not going out at night at all in Vigo...-

This time we have chosen a quieter place for watching the show up there:P

The supporter band was called Agonica, a galician band that I saw long time ago and this seemed to be their first concert in some time.
Their show was ok, they play a kind of modern thrash death, I think they should find a more personal way cause they have some good riffs, but there's something missing in the songs. I remained a bit cold after their show though they are good in what they do.
The matter that separates a bit them to make classical technical death metal is the way of singing, sometimes closer to all those hardcore metal or dethcore bands that are appearing everywhere. Anyway, not bad warming up.

Few moments later Angelus Apatrida came. I can say few more about their music that I havent told before. Their concert was quite enjoyable, very old school riffs recalling all those 80's and beginning of 90's thrash bands. Their singer was almost a reflection of a mix of Dave Mustaine and Chuck Billy, riffs were powerful and even catchy and solos were as good. I have no complains about the band itself, they are great musicians, maybe just the bad thing is that they sound too much to that old stuff. There were guitar notes that I have heard before in many other bands and of course in the big ones I ment. ... the feeling like "hey, I already know this... and could almost follow with my mind where they could go on..."...
They are a few original band, almost copying those other ones, but at least they copy decently and are good in what they play.
An ending with the cover song Domination, which was asked many times from the public, and done.
It was anyway a good show, pity of the several mistakes with lights and sometimes one of the guitars was out... besides a not very good sound in general, too loud, and after some concerts in portugal and that calm one of Kathaarsys I cannot remember the last time I came home with whistle in my ears, so after this one... now I recall the awful of most of the concerts in here...

Anyway, this concert was shocking, and not for the music this time. I really couldnt expect seeing so many public and so devoted. There were moshing in the first lines and from my perspective I could watch quite surprised how they were singing the songs!
I thought Angelus Apatrida, a young band with just 2 albums, was a second file band, but seems they are more known than I imagined.
At this point, I spent most of the concert thinking about where are all them when there are other concerts. I think in international ones like After Forever or Firewind... even Behemoth! we were almost the same number or less and of course not so fervent.
We observed even teenagers there! and our face of surprise was so huge as our confusion about "metal people" here.

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