lunes, febrero 16, 2009

Toxic Taste

TT Poison.... ok you dont know who's that guy...
Rock´n´Rolf Kasparek.... now maybe? :D yes I know .. the name is familiar but still not sure...?
if you are thinking about the main head of the german heavy speedic band called Running Wild... Yes! You're right!
So both names belong to the same person but in different projects... very different projects... so different that I could bet he did it on purpose to not to be related with Running Wild.
Toxic Taste is the new band where Rock'n rolf can release all the creativity he cannot fit properly in Running Wild.
The reason... find the differences:

I dont know, but .. what was that??? XDDD
I guess what kind of movies' fan Rock'n Rolf is and from where he takes influences XD
After listening Starlight Serenades it was much clearer :P

Or maybe going a step further...

What do you think? :D

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