jueves, febrero 19, 2009

Surprises 2008: Tiarra - Post Scriptum

Tiarra is a young romenian band of gothic doom metal. Influenced by the classical slow and romantic doom metal of those bands in the middle and late 90's but strongly as well by the swedish Draconian or germans Haggard, bands that came to my mind often, Tiarra uses one cello and one violinist in the line-up, giving a very sensitive and melancholic feeling to their music. Post Scriptum is a great debut album, slow, very melodic and with the beautiful voice of Anda leading, present in most of the vocal parts and making the growls totally secondary.
Really difficult to choose one better song than others, it is a very solid release and if you like gothic doom metal, it will be hard to quit listening after the first "Prologue", amazing song with the best following possible, "Ielele".

3.In The Arms Of An Angel08:31
5.Everything For Her07:02
6.Requiem (Pentru Un Erou)08:00
7.Post Scriptum05:51
8.Broken Echoes10:03
10.Door Of Innocence (Bonus Track)04:36

Tiarra - Post Scriptum

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