viernes, febrero 13, 2009

Surprises 2008: Heathendom - Neoscience

Though formed 10 years ago, the greeks Heathendom released this last year their first album Neoscience. I could recall some the epic doom heavy metal influence of Manilla Road or some slow-time Candlemass with strong Kingdiamondesque feeling and atmospheres. Guitars and melodies are perfectly composed with that thorough mix of those dark riffs and terror-theatrical environment. Similar to my recent discovering, the italians Thunderstorm, I'm gladly expectant about the work of this great band.

1.Oranges & Lemons (Intro)00:43
4.The Doll House06:03
5.Mirror Of Memories06:04
6.Scenes Of Old04:57
7.I Bleed06:15
8.A Sick Man's Dreams - Blissful Hell04:51
9.Hell Within08:33
10.War & Pain (bonus track)05:05

Heathendom -Neoscience

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