martes, abril 01, 2008

Another video of Behemoth in Vigo 2008

I got another video from the concert of Behemoth in Vigo on February'08.
Some remarkable things about this one:

- A little surprise for us: the mask he wears on the "The Apostasy"!!
- 00:03 - "come... come my child, I've got something for you, do not fear..." :P
- 00:10 - "...take a little of.. blooood" XDD (I wouldnt like to be in the first line at that moment XD)
- 00:56 - "hey! Nergal is not the only one who knows how to spit blood, I know as well..." :P
- 01:22 - Random act of disco-feeling-dancing in a Death Metal concert XDD
- It was a great concert from Behemoth, pity they skipped the bis, because they did it on the other spanish cities...

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