viernes, octubre 26, 2007

Lost pics of great days

A lot of people, meanwhile I was in Tallinn and even after my coming back to Spain were asking me the same... about weather.. "was it cold? how was the experience of seeing again the snow?..." Almost everytime I was in the Messenger, someone from my place were asking me "how cold is it now?" hehe
So I decided to make a post about the weather in Tallinn in pictures. Most of them are photos taken from the window of my room... so you can compare between months and the evolution..
First I have to say that weather was quite strange the time I spent in Tallinn.
As always, and I tell it because some people doesn't know yet.. you can click over every pic to make them bigger :)

So from the beginning, this is how September looked











Days ago .. I was checking all my pics from Tallinn.. those 30 Gb of videos and pics, then I thought.. hmm there are still some funny pics that people should see and I didn't put yet... I have to do it :)


Ohhh cute pic!! :D

Another take of the Luis' birthday

Who said we didn't attend to any class and always partying??

Strange toilets :)

I just put this pic again cause it's one of the funniest ones of the spring semester. Gautier rules!

Three in a kitchen... and maybe for doing something not very good :D

Again Gautier doing the classic and typical "hostelis-over-chair"

One morning I woke up at 13:00... I take of the curtain.. and this is what I saw...
I really thought it was a dead man!! Even with the typical position when there was one dead person and they put the silhouette with chalk. Then, when watching the video.. the raw thruth is revealed... he was too drunk to arrive home.. and decided to have a sunbath :)

Another drunk in the trolley trying to talk to one chinese friend

This is also a really funny pic from the last semester. The last wild party, when the falck came so many times... and Paolo like explaining .. "but we didn't do anything!"

Some seconds of hostel party:)

Miquel' extreme hostel sledging

Hostel life with spanish people

Thanks Janne, I always boast of that shirt when someone ask me.. "is it from a band that shirt?"

Dangerous? :)

Hehe I didnt remember that pic. but funny one!

Vodka 80 degrees... good for the throat ;)

Hehe nice pic of Bocki

The Academic Hostel from outside

Afterparties.. sometimes with one guest like the cleaning lady, Tamara, really nice woman!

I wasn't that day in that party with the german and chinese people, but looking those pics, where was I ???

The strange way of showing love of russians ( correct me if I am wrong, but I think those couples were always russian ones).

I had to take a pic of this can...
Let's see.. if in the next one puts "cow meat" and it has a pic of one cow in the label... what kind of meat should I think it's inside if in this can it puts "Turistieine" and there is a photo of 2 turists in the label???

One living room in the University of Kopli!!!

As always.. when it's the turn of Spain.. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia.. arfh

The logo of that first Spring Semester. I will also never forget that year!
Thanks Bocki and Lars

One day in Hollywood

I took that pic cause my roomate in the spring semester was called like that cheese!
By the way, greets Dzintars!!

Party in Tartu!

Oug that Paolo.. sleeping in the disco!!! hahah

German style!

Skijumping (by Roland and Tibo)!!!

I have never used those machines.. in fact with this picture it's the first time I see it!
At least now I know those machines for changing bottles for kroons weren't a urban legend:)

Hmm this pic... I think it's from Tibo...
I would tell you... click over that pic and try to save it to your computer and make a zoom... you will see something strange, not only that kiss between girls :D

Hostel party!

No comments :D

Ah those times of the A-Team!!

Manu knows the rules of the game ;)...

... and Richi and me learning :)

... and Eray suffering looking how many bottles were in that game hahah
Ouh now that I see this pic I am seeing Mintuuuuuu hahah "the half liquor-half toothpaste"

Eveliina, Annika, Andre and Tiina resting for a while in one of those "italian flat parties"

The last official party in the Autumn semester in the Hostel

3 españoles, 3 golfos! hahah

The meeting of finding job in Estonia, something hard if you don't know estonian language, as I understood there.

Tartu bridge

Tibo showing his faculties at drinking

Trolley.. going to the party!

Typical estonian food (?)

See you soon!!

PS: I know, most of the international people dont know about him, even most of the spanish, but I would like to remember one of the best and most charismatic presenter of radio ever from Spain. His blindness wasn't an obstacle to be one of the bests in his field. He died last week, and his voice and talent was since I was very child a strong inspiration for me. His voice and his history and mistery lessons will be always with me. Rest in peace Juan Antonio Cebrián.

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Roland dijo...

I love your writings and pictures!!

Enlil dijo...

Thank you Roland a lot!!!
People like you encourage me to go on writing and doing this :)
And of course I also miss you, my friend!!

Lars dijo...

Hey Diego,
nice was a really good time.
I think next year I'll come to you and then we rock Spain!!!

Enlil dijo...

Ok Lars!!
You are very invited here!!
You have to tell me how was the trip to south Estonia!!
I hope all was ok!
I envy you!!!