lunes, febrero 03, 2014

Prince of Darkness

Nada mellor que empezar o ano con boas novas, coma que o príncipe de Inglaterra é un thrasher de cepa. Vamos, que un día destes igual o atopamos no medio dun concerto de Annihilator, Bolt Thrower ou Sodom
dándoo todo no moshing... 

The royal is addicted to the music of bands including Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax, according to actor Dominic West.
Dominic, 44, said it was the only music that Harry, 29, would listen to on their recent Walking With The Wounded expedition to the South Pole.
He said: “Harry has a terrible selection on his iPod. It is the sort of thing soldiers listen to. Hardcore thrash metal.”


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