domingo, octubre 28, 2012

Cosecha picante

Outro producto máis de márketing, desta vez a cargo de Wolf!
Pero non pensedes en viños ou cerveza, desta vez os suecos decidíronse por darlle nome a unha salsa picante!!
Estas cousas nunca deixarán de sorprenderme XD

According to Metal Shock Finland, Swedish metallers WOLF have a new product on the market: Wolf's Blood Hot Sauce.

This bloody hot sauce is made in Costa Rica and it is a combination of the world's hottest known chilli pepper Naga Jolokia with pepper extract and ranges at an incredible 666.000 Scoville units.

Commented the band: "It's 666 thousand Scoville strength and it makes you howl. Don't drink it!"

To buy one of these flaming Wolf's Blood Hot Sauces, click here.


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