viernes, febrero 18, 2011

Therion sacan un xogo de mesa!?

O xogo chamado 011, co-titulado "Unha aventura por Therion" está diseñado por Marco Valtriani e basado nunha novela de Paolo Vallerga.
Christopher Johnsson comenta: "Paulo Vallerga, do famoso desarrollador de xogos Scribabs, acercouse á banda nun show en Milán o ano pasado con esta gran idea de facer un xogo de mesa basado nos personaxes do escenario mezclado con mitoloxía. E nós enseguida pensamos que sería a cousa máis molona que oímos en eras e encantounos a idea. O nome do xogo é 011 e poderásme encontrar a mín e ó resto de Therion aparecendo en incluso nunha forma máis fantástica do que somos en realidade!"

Therion ten previsto sacar un video musical en Xuño para acompañar ó lanzamento.

THE STORY SO FAR "011" is set in a ucronic time, during an undefined “year 011”. The world can be described as an alternate version of XIX century. Science is deeply bound with esotericism, as many religions and creeds coexist with philosophies and convictions, in a cauldron of cultures and ideals that is both challenging and frightening at the same time. Events take place in Turin. Turin, everyone knows, is a magical town. To be precise, Turin has the higher concentration of mystical energies of the whole planet, as is the only city that belongs both to the black magic triangle - with London and San Francisco - and, at the same time, to the white magic triangle, with Prague and Lyon. A cold and long winter is raging: 3 years ago the snow started to fall, and never stopped. The Fimbulvetr of the norse legends is ending and so the Ragnarök is coming. 8 brilliant scientists discover the lost tome of the “Edda”, that narrates that the only way to stop the Ragnarök is to discover a man whose future is completely obscure, called the Chosen One. The Chosen one must play a Mystical Song with the magical Pipe Organ hidden somewhere in the city, or the world as we know it will end. But the Ragnarök can also be a new beginning for the righteous ones! One of the investigators opens his soul to Fenrir's spirit, and from that moment he works in the name of the Wolf God, to discover the Chosen One: killing him will let the Ragnarök start, and will grant to the man an eternal life in the Gimlé!

One of the very particular note is the extraordinary participation in the game, in the guise of protagonists, of the members of Therion, the Swedish symphonic metal band founded by Christofer Johnsson. The musicians have performed with great enthusiasm to embody the steampunk atmosphere of the game; so, the month of June will see the creation of a video (written by Paolo Vallerga and made by Silos Production) in which the band will lives their alter ego in the game ... for now we can not say nothing more!

More info on: Boardgamegeek

The game will be in multilangual Edition: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch.


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