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Bizarradas musicales: Mezclas impensables

Coma moitas veces, por medio de comentarios de outros e casualidades interneteriles, un acabase encontrando cousas que nunca pensaría que existirían. O caso que toca hoxe son esas mezclas frikis provocadas por horas de aburrimiento, mezclando "voces" surrealistas e impensables e música metal, case sempre relacionado co death metal-grindcore-hardcore-punk polo que levo visto. Igual tades un pouco perdidos con esto que vos dixen, pero o mellor é sempre poñerse con exemplos e listo.

De primeiro temos a Slothian, grupo que mezcla os deformes berros e comentarios daquel simpático e inolvidable personaxe dos Goonies con Grindcore:


Segundo eles (mellor dito él):
When the planets were in glu glú and the prophets cum on the chiqui chiqui bang bang. Where the retarded goom grew as soon as the sun sent in the soul... ya.
In the early beginning... y eso. I am tríki to say that the galactic cowboys are my friends, and Sloth and Gordy created the slumber abnormal impurity of ancient butifarra´s clown. "All is full of shit" said the Master Gugufresa (Sloth) when he turned to eeehhhh...? So, the Retardeath Metal was created, and the gods cried a lot of Kalimotxo´s tears, between the throne of eternal frost and hate, and the golosinas castle of depravation. Soy sunbornal

(sí, é un tío español, ó igual que o seguinte)

Como podedes intuír, Chiquito con Grindcore, jaarl!


Según o grupo:
"After a silence, and after discovering the great world Grind escene, in 2006 I decided to create an extreme project... So, Chiguigrind was born!!! After the pain!!! Quietorl!!!"

Este grupo surxe da furiosa unión entre 2 pitbulls e o death-grind máis pesado! Impresionante! Oíde "Victim of Pain"!


Segun eles:
The band, Caninus (pronounced K - 9 - us ) began listening Terrorizer, Death of Napalm, Corpse Cannibal, Sorcery, Incantation and Malevolant Creation. The band(orchestra) was generated in New York in 1992, but not until recently, when Caninus(orchestra) began receving national glory and approval of a celebrities from Andrew W.K. to Susan Sarandon. After the few line up changes (replacements) during 90-s', Caninus has strengthened their line up in 2001. A little from members of the profit also have gone, the few have gone to prison, some are alive albeit in the bottom of Grand Central terminals of Station. One ex-Caninus member can be noticed in the documentary film concerning the mole people "Dark Days". The majority grindcore and fatal metal strips (orchestras) have the singers, trying to sound similarly to the broken (upset) deranged animals anyhow so they have decided to use a real thing. Vocals are executed by two pit bull terriers. Both were rescued days before euthanization from refuges. Caninus - all strict vegans.
It has come time really to allow the animals to have their say.

Aquí poderemos conocer ó que probablemente sexa o único loro frontman dun grupo de grindeath!


Segundo eles (ainda que é unha páxina dun fan):
"Ok. This is a fan site for HATEBEAK. If you don't know the story, this is a death metal grindcore band that has an avian vocalist. It's sick as hell and definately worth the listen. Hatebeak is on Reptilian Records, and has a split on Relapse Records. Here is the discography so far:
Hatebeak and Longmont Potion Castle (Reptilian Records split)

Hatebeak and Caninus (Reptilian Records split)

Hatebeak and Birdflesh (Relapse Records split)

To be released on Reptilian Records soon:
Number of the Beak (Reptilian Records full)"

Fai tempo encontrárame con outro "grupo" chamado Eugenio))) que mezclaba chistes de Eugenio con drone-doom ó estilo de Sunn O))) pero deberon de eliminar o myspace.

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