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Surprises 2009: Leprous - Tall Poppy Syndrome

Band: Leprous
Album: Tall Poppy Syndrome (first album)
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Norway

Leprous is a young, five piece band from Notodden, Norway, playing experimental progressive metal. The band was founded in 2001 though has gone trough a few changes in the line-up.
The bands latest album Tall Poppy Syndrome (2009) has received outstanding reviews worldwide, and the material for the sequel is currently under developement. Meanwhile, Leprous will hit the road, and show the world that their songs sound even better on stage. Their impressive live shows cought the eye of Ihsahn (Emperor), who found it best to hire the entire band in his ensemble. In addition to this, Einar Solberg was hired as synthist and co-vocalist in Emperor, for their reunion shows in 2006-07.
Leprous' latest effort Tall Poppy Syndrome was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren in Black Lounge Studio / The Abyss in Pärlby, Sweden, during august 2008. This recording granted Leprous a record deal with the american Sensory Records, as well as the cooperation with Intromental Management. Prior to Tall Poppy Syndrome the band has recorded two demos, Silent Waters (2004) and Aeolia (2006).
Since the first time I've listened this album I got somehow captivated by the melodic-atmospheric way of making proggressive metal of Leprous. Structures are sometimes strange and influences of Opeth or Pain of Salvation are quite noticeable as well as Prog Rock. Clean vocals are the main ones but we can find some harsh moments, sometimes joining jazz interludes, dreamtheatherian moments or darker passages, all quite well mixed, which gives this album a great variety. If you like proggresive metal with several influences you should give a try to Leprous.

1. Passing / 08:31
2. Phantom Pain / 06:50
3. Dare You / 06:45
4. Fate / 04:38
5. He Will Kill Again / 07:31
6. Not Even A Name / 08:46
7. Tall Poppy Syndrome / 08:28
8. White / 11:31

Total playing time 01:03:00


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26 de marzo, Negura Bunget y Xerión en la Mondo.

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ahí estaremos fijisisisimo!
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