miércoles, septiembre 09, 2009

Behemoth n#1 in polish music charts 3 weeks in a row

Evangelion has now entered its fourth week in the Polish music charts coming in at the #1 spot three weeks in a row and one week at the #2 spot, just behind MICHAEL JACKSON.

Guitarist/vocalist Adam "Nergal" Darski comments, "It's unheard of. Evangelion is storming the charts in Poland and we've been three weeks in row number one selling record in our home country. How insane is that? If someone had told me this few months ago I would have never believed that this conservative country can embrace us so much. Things are changing. And it feels good. I''m grateful and happy that people dig this record so much... again, I want to thank everyone who picked up his copy of Evangelion. It means a lot!"

Evangelion's first week worldwide chart numbers:

Poland: #2
Finland: #17
Austria: #45
Germany: #59
Switzerland: #88
Netherlands: #5 (Indie Charts)

#56 Billboard Top 200
#5 Billboard Hard Music Albums
#6 Billboard Independent Albums

#61 Top 200 Current Albums
#6 Independent Chart
#10 Hard Music Chart

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