lunes, mayo 18, 2009

A! Metal Night

Bands: Mongollica (Metallica cover band) + Ephemereal (Death Metal) + Nocheni (Heavy-Rock)
Day: 16th March 2009
Price: 8 € presale / 10 € doors
Place: Sala A! - Vigo

Teño algún problema de indecisión de qué lengua usar para este post, pero vou segui-la miña política de facer os concertos en inglés ainda que este sexa un evento certamente local.

Last saturday we had in Vigo one of the biggest metal parties I have ever been. People from pubs of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo were organizing this event. It consisted in 3 galician bands playing and different lotteries.
I guess the experience was positive cause I could see in that place more people than in other concerts like Behemoth, Firewind or After Forever.
Anyway, the thing started a bit later than thought cause of soccer and because of usual spanish behaviour XD

First band playing were Ephemereal. They did a kind of agressive Death Metal with technical touch. Well, sound wasnt the best so we quite guessed that technical part. Anyway, their songs were not the most brilliant thing on Earth. Seemed like they played the random buttom when uniting parts of a song and it could last 3 min. or 9 min. because structures just didnt exist.
I didnt like at all them, even not liking too much their attitude, but that's a more personal view.

I can say they had nice guitars (I know, I'm a bit rough, but...)

Beer comes beer goes... friends come friends go.. lots of familiar faces in the place...
and the first lottery of guitars...
Seems they draw for 3 guitars, each one of them signed by one rock star. I know there was one signed by Gary Moore and another by Doro Pesch.. third.. no idea.
And that's probably the only black point of the night. The prize was a bit unclear, I mean, they just told one number and the winner came... but... much later, almost at 5:00 AM they told this is the guitar and this is the winner. I asked my friends and none heared any number. And the third one.. I dont know but if they wanted to make a lottery at 8:00 AM not too much people would wait for that. We left at 6:00 AM almost and we decided that waiting more in the place wasnt worth. Besides, 50% of the people already left when we went away. Strange draw.

The second band was Nocheni. An old band that I have seen 2 or 3 concerts already. They are quite different from the previous ones, softer and melodic rock-metal. My friend told me it was the first time that he saw a keyboardist-singer.. indeed it's a bit strange, seems like he is a politician XD
Nocheni - Los Rockeros Van Al Infierno

Their music isnt anything special, but it works in live. They made public to enjoy and I think everyone of us was pretty satisfied with their show. A cover song from the classic band Barón Rojo, some funny remixes and games with audience and some free shirts that the singer throwed to us was just perfect with their effective music and performance.
Sound was as well much better than with Ephemereal.

Again a bit long waiting, again beer comes beer goes... and the last band was coming: Mongollica came dressed like mexican pressing fighters/ghosts with long clothes. I have no idea what's the point of that or the relation with Metallica (maybe that Metallica is dead and they come playing the old and only one good stuff they ever made?). They played all the typical songs of the americans and people enjoyed a lot, we saw even some moshing and the place was full and cheering up (quite unbeliavable in this place). The concert was completely satisfactory, listening those songs in live is always interesting and captivating...

Summing up, a night to remember, first because it's not usual at all seeing so many "metal people" in the same place. Just in 80's metal concerts you can see it here, though a lot, we still think there should be much more people there, but some might be tired or didnt want to spend more money because the previous night there was a concert in that same place (Doro).
And second cause in general was a total entertainment. Hope we can have more of this kind of parties and people start going out to see music in live instead of complaining at home that big bands dont come close...

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Anónimo dijo...

Moi boas!!

Eu tamén preferín o mitinero, antes que o concerto de Death Metal Melódico-Progresivo-Aleatorio.

E qué dicir de Mongollica... xa sabedes o moito que me gusta o metal americano. :)

Vémonos pronto, un abrazo enorme.


McMetal dijo...

E digo eu....

(por decir)

¿NON FUSTES VER A DORO?????????????

Enlil dijo...

Muito caro :D os Bal Sagoth som máis fixe

Falgarth dijo...

Comienzo a pensar que esa camiseta amarilla es tu uniforme de conciertos... por cierto, ¿adonde te iras a ver a Ensiferum?

Enlil dijo...

Jeje en efecto es mi querida "camiseta amarilla de conciertos" :D aunque ya se me va a quedar blanca después de tantas veces que la llevé y tanto que la sudé :D
oh me diste un susto, por un momento pensé que Ensiferum iban a venirse por cerca, pero buff Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao y Madrid :S a cada cual más lejos :(
Estuve mirando por si se daban una vuelta por Oporto pero nada.. supongo que otro año más pasará..
..qué recuerdos del Rock Café en Tallinn!! ;( (27 de septiembre)