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Surprises 2008: In Mourning - Shrouded Divine

In the last one of my "surprises 2008" I will talk about one of the best discoverings of 2008. The great album of In Mourning, a swedish band that started making a slowlier music in those early demos than in the debut album. That gothic metal became a gothic-doom-melodeath in Shrouded Divine, a majestic album that inmediately set In Mourning as one of the best bands in 2008. With a palpable progressive touch and very origininal environment, clean and mostly harsh vocals and delicate and atmospheric melodies sometimes and melodeath catchy riffs other times, Shrouded Divine is probably my personal best discovering in 2008, and shouldnt pass over any open minded metal fan (even no-metal fan), due to the wide of their offer, the lots of genres they are touching and becoming solid under the same.

1.The Shrouded Divine07:11
3.In The Failing Hour04:22
4.By Others Considered06:24
5.Grind Denial04:28
6.The Art Of A Mourning Kind05:29
7.The Black Lodge08:13
8.Past October Skies06:33

In Mourning - Shrouded Divine

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