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Surprises 2008: Carach Angren - Lammendam

Carach Angren is a symphonic black metal band coming from Netherlands. They are playing a kind of symphonic black metal, very influenced by bands like the old Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. Somehow I thought they were from France, maybe because they also sound similar to that band called Anorexia Nervosa in the blastbeats with orchestral arrangements, which are thoroughly and amazingly executed. The mixing and producing is really amazing for a first album.
Melodies have that evil-theatrical taste, which can recall sometimes to Arcturus, and that I personally adore, and vocals are really effective though sometimes the similarity with Shagrath is quite palpable. If you like orchestral black metal, Lammendam is a must listen.

1.Het Spook van de Leiffartshof (Intro)01:28
2.A Strange Presence Near the Woods04:13
3.Haunting Echoes From the Seventeenth Century05:05
4.Hexed Melting Flesh (Bridge)06:54
5.Phobic Shadows and Moonlit Meadows02:06
6.The Carriage Wheel Murder03:40
7.Corpse in a Nebulous Creek05:24
8.Invisible Physic Entity (Bridge)01:21
9.Heretic Poltergeist Phenomena04:08
10.Malediction de la Madame Blanche07:07

Carach Angren - Lammendam

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