lunes, noviembre 10, 2008

Flash Mob

What is a flash mob?
Flash mobs seem to be spontaneous events with origing in summer of 2003 in New York and quickly spread to other cities around the world. Through mails and cell messages people start chains to organize a coordinated group action in a public space. These actions use to surprise people who doesnt know anything and just walk or stay in those places. They are ramdomly spectators of the scene. Nobody apart from the participants know what will happen.
Actions, usually of recreational nature, last few minutes and have a marked tendence to surrealism.
Flash mobs reached even to advertisements, and you can understand quite fast how it is having a look at the next video:

Pirate flash mob

Ninja flash mob

Frozen flash mob

There was a frozen flash mob in the Atocha station in Madrid some months ago and there will be another one in Vigo nextly. I dont know if I should tell more or not.. but ok... I know there are few people who check this blog so I can say it will be a "Pillow Fight flash mob", next wednesday in some place of the center of the town. I will not be there but would be funny to see how many people will go :D

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