martes, enero 15, 2008

Comunicado oficial de Günther - Günther's official press release

"To our supporters in the Iberian Lands: We received the news that our tour, which was supposed to start next week in your lands, is cancelled. The tour organisers informed us that clubs that booked Ancient Rites received threats of violence. Our posters were damaged or covered by political messages. Intimidated by this several promoters cancelled our gigs. Unable to guarantee the safety of the band, fans and crew they decided to take no risks. We received this news from the organisers:

"They made a "manifesto" against Ancient Rites.

-date of Portugalete was inmediately cancelled (promoter scared for
possible retaliation)
-only 12 hours after date of Santander was cancelled (promoter scared for
possible retaliation)
-only 20 hours after date of Aviles was cancelled (promoter scared for
possible retaliation)
The last news was: threats in Palencia, Santiago DC and Vigo"

Throughout the years Ancient Rites has received many boycotts, anonymous bomb threats etc we never submitted. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I am not angry, nor do I feel defeated or down. But I regret the fact that a fanatic minority, who claim to stand for freedom of speech and tolerance, managed to decide for all of you (hence denying your own right to chose) you will not be able to see Ancient Rites perform on your own soil. They probably never even read our lyrics. Declaring an underground band like ours public enemy number 1 is actually too much honour, why don't they protest and act against those who are a real threat and bomb your train stations? They find it safer to fight musicians and burn records. I think they give us too much credit. Ancient Rites are not allowed to play because one of my other bands played on the same fest with other musicians who are on their hit list. We play with every band regardless their style or opinion and don't dictate any laws to promoters nor do we tell them who they can or can't book. We don't dictate.

Ancient Rites does not cancel. But we can't do anything if others allow fear to reign their hearts. We even played in war zones in the past. I do not point finger at anyone, but personally I would have refused to be dictated by self righteous individuals and organised a decent security. We were not afraid. Tickets were booked, we were ready to come and play and stand (y)our ground.

One of our fans, Pottier Kevin (thank you kindly) surprised us and made a video clip of our "Thermopylae" track, using images of the "300" movie where 300 Spartans face thousands. This clip sums up our spirit.

Enjoy the clip, brothers and sisters and remember the times of ancient values and self respect.

If we are hated for praising souls like those 300 I gladly pay that price. For this is the essence A.R. stands for: Ancient Pride. I did not found this band to receive a noble price. This style never was about to please everyone. The difference is: if I don't like or agree with a band I simply don't attend their show but I won't spoil it for others. Why should I force my taste/opinion down everyone's throat like Big Brother? Poor modern Europe: dominated by a hysterical pc minority forcing self hate down everyone's throat. One can burn books or records but not the soul...

Ancient Rites are independent souls belonging to no movement therefore we are free to chose our own path. And if this freedom of choice and mind means we are not allowed to play so be it. Our music will reach our supporters anyway. Ban our gigs, burn our records but we are around for decades and will not disappear until WE find the time is right to call it a day.

Seems like Spain needs another Reconquista

I greet Thee all.


A Thanks goes out to our Iberian supporters who expressed their support. Never Surrender
Milveces me caeré y mil veces me levantaré..."

Eu non sei eso da reconquista.... pero a todos eses, como ben dice putoloco, levabamos eu ben lonxe do país... a Corea do Norte, por exemplo hihi

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